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Intro to Sketching & Drawing

This group will complete tonal and mark marking exercises using charcoal and graphite pencils, and will be instructed on the various functions of each medium.  Students will begin drawing from basic forms and objects, such as cubes and spheres, then advance to creating a number of finished tonal drawings of your choice using charcoal or graphite.    

*Price per 10 two hour (2 hr) lessons: $425 ($42.5/lesson)  or  $52/single lesson (Package valid for a 3 month period)

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* HST Extra

Fashion Design Workshop

Attention all fashion geeks! This workshop is the perfect introduction to the fundamentals of fashion figure drawing. With the help of our fashion design expert, you will create your own line of clothing. You will also create a portfolio showcasing your chic & trendy masterpieces. During the process, you will develop skills in designing clothes, get tips on accessorizing and learn about fabric and colour combination.      

*Price per 4 two hour (2 hr) workshops: $240 ($60/workshop)  or $75/single lesson

Storytelling & Illustration Workshop

In this workshop, students will learn how to create a short story and transform it into inspiring and effective illustrations. Illustrations are used to bring out a narrative so that the pictures tell the story. During the process, students will develop skills in storyboarding, drawing, and/or painting. 

*Price per 4 two hour (2 hr) workshops: $240  ($60/workshop) or $75/single lesson

Intro to Acrylic Painting  or  Intermediate/Advanced Acrylic Painting

This group will be introduced to basic colour mixing and mark marking techniques with acrylic paint.  Students will create vibrant and unique paintings with the exploration of an exciting combination of tools and materials while focus on developing painting skills.  Design, colour mixing, blending, form, balance, composition and contrasts are considered, while exploring your imaginations and creativity in a supportive and fun environment.  Students will have the choice of completing projects such as abstract painting from collage, painting from a photo, or a master copy of an existing artist's work.  Intermediate and Advanced students will continue developing their skills in this form of art.

 *Price per 10 two hour (2 hr) lessons: $425 ($42.5/lesson)  or  $52/single lesson (Package valid for a 3 month period)

Intro to Water Colour Painting

This group will be introduced to the fundamentals of watercolor painting, learning how to mix and overlay color with wet-on-wet and wet over dry techniques.  This course will begin with basic exercises in light, composition, contrast, and colour mixing that will help students understand the properties of watercolour as a painting medium.  After exploring the various tools and techniques associated with watercolour, students will create their own vibrant and unique paintings with assistance from the Instructor either working from photo reference, still-life or their imagination. 

*Price per 10 two hour (2 hr) lessons: $425 ($42.5/lesson)  or  $52/single lesson (Package valid for a 3 month period)